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                                                  The 3rd Sunday of Every Month
                                                                   8 o'clock sharp
                                                          8-12 miles at YOUR pace

Coming back soon....stay tuned! 

On the third Sunday of every month, runners from all over Central Maine meet up for the best group long run on the map -- The Cinnamon Bun Run!

The Cinnamon Bun Run leaves promptly from The Rail Trail Run Shop and the Kennebec Valley Coaching Studio at 8am. Runners of every speed and ability level are welcome to join in--we really do mean that!

You're encouraged to hit the bathrooms, grab a few packets of gu, find your pace group, and stash your stuff (bags, keys, candy bars) while you hit the road with the world's best running buddies.

You'll chose from a predetermined 8, 10, or 12 mile route. Routes change every 4-6 months, and cover all kinds of varied terrain.

All runners have 2 hours and 30 minutes to cover their route. The studio will be staffed the whole time in case your need to bail out early.

After your run, take a seat at the bar and grab a coffee or a tea or a Gatorade. But that's not'll grab a world famous cinnamon bun from The Downtown Diner, too!

Sit, talk, joke, laugh, try some shoes, eat, drink, and be merry!

Runners each toss $4 into the jar to join in on the run (covers the cost of keeping the studio open, paper goods, cleaning up after ourselves, water stops in the hotter weather...). No charge for one-one-one coachees.

Includes a coffee, a water, or a hunk of the  the world's best cinnamon in the history of the universe that humankind has ever known.